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Soccer Shots: Soccer Shots is a national soccer program designed for children 2-5 years of age that introduces them to the game of soccer. Soccer Shots not only teaches children the basic skills of soccer, but places a high emphasis on character development as well. Soccer Shots provides an experienced coaching staff that have worked and have coached children of this age for many years. They bring a lot of enthusiasm to every season to ever session and love working with children of all ages.

Miss Donna’s School of Dance: Teaches children instruction in ballet, tap, and creative movement. The instructor has been a dance instructor of children of all ages for the past twenty years. The class is held at the center where the children learn the basics of ballet and tap along with co-ordination. They also learn dance and song routines that will incorporate the steps that they have learned.

TOT Basketball: TOT is an extracurricular physical education program for the preschool child. This phenomenal training curriculum teaches basketball ball-handling and dribbling skills to fun age-appropriate music. However, basketball skills are only the tip-of-the-iceberg with TOT. Through TOT students are exposed to fine and gross motor skill activities, preschool academic concepts, higher-order thinking skills, and listening activities.

GymSport: GymSport is a completely mobile gymnastics and sports program for children of all ages.  The program promotes health and motor skill development while broadening children’s social horizons.  It focuses on the knowledge of sports and movement with an emphasis on building confidence.  At GymSport, we pave the road for success through safe and entertaining fun.


Our activities include, but are not limited to:

Basketball, Football, T-Ball, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Tumbling, Music & Movement, Races, Fun & Games, Obstacle Courses & Inflatable bouce house and slides.

NOTE: These programs are offered at an additional cost. Please inquire at the front desk for costs and other information about these wonderful programs.

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