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Infant / Toddler / Two’s

The Infant Program (6 weeks to 10 months)

We realize that placing your very young child into any program can be the hardest decision a parent has to make. That is why our staff here at Waxhaw Child Development goes to great lengths to make sure that your child’s individual needs are met each and every day. Our experienced staff and our spacious nursery provide many opportunities for growth and development to take place. You will find a warm, loving and caring atmosphere where infants can feel safe, secure, and happy.

To ensure that your child is getting the best that quality childcare has to offer, each infant had his/her own daily sheet, which is based on information provided by you the parent, making feeding, diapering, and napping an integral part of the day.

As you infant grows and develops, our educational program is designed with your child in mind. Days are filled with one-to-one interactions, language, songs, and lots of listening and response to words and sounds. Each sound and movement is met with a warm response – a word – a touch – a smile!

The Toddler Program (12 to 24 months)

Step-Ups – 10 to 14 months
Toddler I – 14 to 18 months
Toddler II – 18 to 24 months

At this age, infants are making huge developmental strides moving from infancy to toddlers. From the early stages of scooting about, crawling, and pulling up, your toddler is on their way to becoming a mobile little person. They are also beginning to exhibit early social behaviors such as smiling, laughing, and babbling.

Knowing that each child operates and is equipped with his/her own timetable, our program is divided into three separate classrooms, so that our well-trained staff can cater to the needs of the developing child. Our lesson plans are carefully designed with your child’s best interest in mind.

Our program is designed to let toddlers explore their world with their developing senses and motor skills. Exploration and play are encouraged with the freedom of choice as the children assert their independence.

The Two-Year Program

This unique program is for the non-toilet trained student. A special room encourages skills development such as dressing and toilet usage in a relaxed environment. Classes focus on the transitional world of 2-year-olds moving from the total dependence to a more independent world. Children make self-guided choices, enjoy small groups and projects, plus circle time.

At the heart of this curriculum are learning centers that promote the skills for optimum development and success in school. Centers and curriculum are based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Typical centers include:
● Discovery / Science
● Table toys / Manipulatives
● Book Center
● Dramatic Play
● Music Center
● Art Center

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